Черепаший полет/ Turtleflight (oliandy) wrote in deadfilmmakers,
Черепаший полет/ Turtleflight


Hello! I was wondering if somebody has seen examples of film about sex in which only the lovers’ faces are shown. I have heard of such things and I would be interested in knowing your impressions. What effect is achieved? What sort of eroticism, to what extent? If it is not sexually arousing, then what kind of imagination does it activate, how? I would be very grateful for your impressions.
The reason why I am asking, by the way, is that I am writing a conference paper on Russian erotic poetry, very minimalist, that leaves a lot to the imagination. I thought this could be a suitable way to describe the effects produced, but it turned out that those are hard to describe. Here's an example of what I mean (in the poetry):


She cuddled up [to me]
And then instantly
So it’s not true
All that stuff they say
That she just feels sorry



Thank you for the insights!
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