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No matter what anybody tells you, words, [images] and ideas can change the world.


Q: What is with the name of this community?
A: The idea was based on Dead Poet’s Society but using film makers not poets. I wanted a place where I could talk as much about film as I wanted without annoying my friend's list. So yeah, the basic idea for this is selfish.

Q: What do you do here?
A: Discuss films, directors, actors, how they inspire you...basically anything film related!!! Usually dead; hence the title. But not always.

Q: How do I join?
A: Just click add community. Go right ahead.

Q: Not everyone on the list is dead (?!!)
A: So?

Q: But my favorite director is not dead!
A: Don’t worry he/she will be one day.


1.) I personally do not care (I'm the type who reads the last page first) but if you're going to give away spoilers please please please use the lj-cut tag.
LJ-cut information

2. Keep posts film or some aspect of film related. If you want to babble on about something else do it in your personal lj.

3. Arguing, Discussion...Good. Just don't resort to petty name calling. Attack the ideas, not the person.

4. Anyone can like or hate a movie. But we want to know why. Think outside the box. Detail is a good thing.

5. This is subjective but don't be an idiot. please.